About us

“A better York is possible” is a campaign organized by CUPE 3903.

CUPE 3903 is a union that represents education workers at York University. We are teaching assistants, contract faculty, graduate assistants and research assistants.

Our local has almost 3,700 members, and we are part of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. As the biggest union on campus, we do over half of all the teaching at York.

Check out our videos: “We are CUPE 3903″; “Vote YES for a strong strike mandate!“; “This Contract Faculty time“; and “Members of CUPE 3903 vote to reject offer“.

Like you, we are concerned about:

  • Rising tuition fees and student debt
  • Education funding cuts
  • Racism and discrimination in the university
  • Threats to safety on campus

These problems affect the quality of your education at York. And we want to do something about it.

We believe a better York is possible. For us, that means:

  • Accessible, high quality education for all students
  • A fair and equitable workplace
  • A safe and healthy campus

As education workers, we bring these demands to the bargaining table when we negotiate a new contract with the university. On August 31, our contract expired. At the moment, we are on strike for a better York, and we want a fair deal for everyone.

When we negotiate to improve our working conditions, we are also negotiating to improve your learning conditions – and the quality of your education at York. For example:

  • Improving job security gives us more time to develop and teach high quality courses
  • Creating fair and equitable hiring processes helps make the workforce as diverse as you are
  • Capping class sizes means more one-on-one instruction and a better learning environment
  • Improving health-and-safety standards helps make the campus safer and more secure

We have now been on strike for one week, but we’re still working hard to get a fair deal.

You can help us end the strike by telling the admin to negotiate a fair contract. Click here.

A better York is possible. Together, we can make it happen.